Nippon Koei has designed and supervised construction of thermal power plant projects since the 1970s.

Coal thermal power plant and turbine, Botswana
Coal thermal power plant and turbine, Botswana
Coal thermal power plant and turbine, Botswana

To further rehabilitation of the electrical grid in Iraq, from 2004 we prepared the refurbishment plan for gas power plant and the construction plan for heavy-duty diesel power plant. Since 2011 as part of feasibility study investigation, Nippon Koei has participated in the project for environmental protection, equipment repair and installation of coal-fired power plants to take the load off the country's base.

15 MW Diesel engine, Iraq
15 MW Diesel engine, Iraq

Selected Project Experience

Type Country Project Capacity
Gas Turbine India Study on Tripura Gas Based Power Project 280 MW
Gas Turbine Iraq Project for rehabilitation of gas power station in Mosul (50 MW) and Taji (75 MW) 125 MW
(25 x 5)
Diesel Power Iraq Project for construction of diesel power station in Samawah 60 MW
(15 x 4)
Large-scale plant Iraq Special Assistance for project formation for Large Scale Power Plant Construction Project in the southern region of Iraq n/a
Coal Fired Thermal Botswana Preparatory Survey on the Project for Morupule "A" Power Station Rehabilitation and Pollution Abatement 132 MW
(33 x 4)
Coal Fired Thermal Philippines Review on EPC contract documents for the Coal Fired Thermal Plant to be constructed in Mindanao 210 MW
(105 x 2)
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