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Roles of Civil Engineering Consultants

National, regional and urban infrastructure development projects are often large-scale and take a long period of time to complete. Civil engineering consultants receive orders from the client, and participate in the projects from the conceptualization and/or planning stage. They dig deep to explore and identify the real issues involved in every project, and develop the optimal solutions at each step from an objective standpoint.

Position of civil engineer

The Range of the Nippon Koei Group's services

The Range of the Nippon Koei Group's Services

For example, if the project goal is to solve the problem of chronic traffic congestion, we begin by conducting surveys and studies from a fundamental perspective on the economic feasibility of infrastructure building/amendment and other aspects to determine whether the best approach is to expand roads or to build new railways. In planning and design, we place emphasis on not only the intentions of the client, but also the needs of the region and local residents. Based on geotechnical and geological investigations, we then propose the optimal method and craft a design that takes the budget, environment and various other factors into account. As projects have become more sophisticated and complex to meet current needs, we also provide consulting for collaboration among governments, private businesses and citizens on issues such as engineering management in public-private partnerships (PPP) and asset management. In addition, we provide management services at the construction stage for projects outside Japan.

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