Message from President

Continuing new growth based on our technological expertise and achievements around the world

Nippon Koei was founded in 1946 by founder Yutaka Kubota, and it has been in the consulting and engineering business since that time, a total of 77 years. If we include power development on the Korean Peninsula, it will reach 90 years-history. We will take over Nippon Koei under the new structure and continue to develop and grow based on the achievements accumulated in Japan and around the world.

Our mission is to always have high aspirations to "make the world a better place," to work hard to improve our own technologies, and to provide services based on our accumulated technological capabilities, and to this end we have made establishing a brand quality as the ID&E Group a key strategy in our long-term management strategy. We aim to establish an organizational structure to achieve these goals while being independent as an operating company and collaborating within the group.

As a consulting and engineering company with a foundation in technology and management capabilities cultivated through domestic and international infrastructure-related business, we will continue to provide comprehensive technical services to create a sustainable future together as a trusted business partner from various sectors around the world, aiming to realize a better world to live in.

Representative Director and President
Haruhiko Kanai
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