Rd Technology Development / Human Resource Development

Here is our "technological development capability" that leads the world.

Establishing new technology that contributes to the development of civil engineering technology and the creation of a new nation by making full use of various numerical analyses, tests, and experiments,
We also pursue "human resource development" to foster excellent engineers.

Research & Development Center

Responsible for research and development of Nippon Koei's core technologies

The Research & Development Center is responsible for the research and development of NK's core technologies in the fields of civil engineering, environment, and social sciences. The research results obtained here are utilized in various projects in Japan and overseas.

Center for Advanced Research

We conduct research related to next-generation and advanced technologies such as climate change, AI, resilience, disaster prevention, IoT, transportation, and big data.

Center for Technology Development

Through research on water, sediment, and ground, we conduct research and development related to disaster risk, with the aim of creating a safe and secure living infrastructure.

Testing & Experiment Center

We conduct research and development to meet a wide range of needs related to global warming and the conservation of biodiversity and the natural environment.

CIM Technical Center

Responsible for technical development and internal promotion related to BIM/CIM and PM (project management) services.

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