Watershed & Water Management

We have extensive experience in flood protection, improving water use efficiency and the water environment, providing technology for the construction of new dams, redevelopment of existing dams, and providing technology for extending the service life of existing dams. We also provide technical services related to agricultural and rural development and water supply and sewage facilities.


We conduct regional development studies, support the formulation of policies related to urban and regional planning, and conduct surveys, analysis, design, and construction supervision related to ground and geology. We provide a wide range of services, including planning, investigation, and design of roads, bridges, airports, and other infrastructure that support our daily lives, as well as services for extending service life and improving efficiency of maintenance and management.


We provide a series of technical services related to railroad and station area development and facility improvement.

Land Infrastructure Development

To realize land preservation and people's safety and security, we provide technical services to protect society from various disasters such as large-scale earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and torrential rains.

Infrastructure Engineering

We are engaged in projects to preserve the global environment and combat climate change, promote SDGs/ESGs in Japan and abroad, conserve the air, water, and soil environments and biodiversity, and harmonize development and the environment. We also provide services utilizing advanced technologies such as ICT, IoT, AI, and satellite information; survey, analysis, design, and construction supervision related to ground and geology; and solutions to social issues related to soft disaster prevention.

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