Infrastructure Engineering Satellite Intelligence Service

With the increased range and accuracy of satellite image resolution and analysis capabilities, the possibilities for remote sensing in public facilities are expanding. Utilizing the characteristics of satellites with their wide coverage and periodicity, we are working on the development of technologies to assess the actual damage caused by heavy rain and other disasters, and on disaster prevention and mitigation projects through infrastructure monitoring.
Because of our outstanding expertise in building social infrastructures, we recognize that we have a responsibility to create safe social infrastructures using the latest technologies, and we aim to create safe social infrastructures to protect the safe daily lives of each and every person in Japan and around the world.

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Engineering Services

LIANA (Land-deformation and Infrastructure ANAlysis) is a service developed jointly by SKY Perfect JSAT, Nippon Koei, and Zenrin to monitor slope and infrastructure changes. The service displays a time series of ground deformation in the area the user wishes to check, and evaluates the risk based on the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's standards for ground extension meters and the knowledge of JIIA. The accuracy of the system is verified by comparing it with field survey data through repeated verifications on slopes, landslides, roads, airports, etc. in various regions of Japan.
For the web system that provides the results, Nippon Koei provided the know-how that is easy for users to understand visually and can be incorporated into management operations, Zenrin's detailed map data was implemented, and the web UI was developed by SKY Perfect JSAT. This allows users to grasp the impact of hazardous areas on their surroundings.
By utilizing satellite images, large areas of several tens of kilometers square can be screened at once, which could not be ascertained by surveying alone, thus reducing the cost that corporations and municipalities have spent on maintenance and inspections. Thus, active management and countermeasures are possible through monitoring from normal times.

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