Geohazard Management Defense Infrastructure Development

As a partner of the Ministry of Defense, we are involved in several projects to strengthen Japan's defense capabilities to ensure the safety and security of its citizens. We are consistently involved in the planning, investigation, design, construction supervision, and CM (Construction Management)/ PM (Project Management) phases of project promotion for all types of projects, including national projects, for the development of facilities comprising Self Defense Force bases and U.S. military bases. We are involved in all phases of the project, including planning, research, design, construction supervision, and CM (Construction Management/PM (Project Management)).

Engineering Services

We mainly provide consulting services related to facility maintenance at Self-Defense Forces bases, facility maintenance related to the realignment of U.S. forces in Japan, and environmental maintenance around bases.
We are involved in the maintenance of a wide range of structures that make up the base, as described below. Since the maintenance of these facilities involves the integration of various construction technologies, we manage and coordinate them in close cooperation with internal and external technical specialists in order to provide our clients with high quality products.

Runways, taxiways, tarmac

Seawalls, wharves, seawalls

Roads, bridges, retaining walls

Stormwater drainage channels, disaster prevention regulating reservoirs

Water supply (reservoir, pipelines)
Sewage (treatment plants, pipelines)

Fuel tanks, ammunition storage, etc.

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