Our Aims:Make the World a Better Place, Vision:Providing Unique Value as a Company, Values:Tackle your problems with sincerity and the road ahead shall be clear.

The ID&E Group has grown to the present by continuing to provide solutions to global social issues that change with the times, based on the accumulation of "knowledge" represented by our technologies. We will continue to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by leveraging the collective strength of the group to provide new technologies and optimal solutions.


Make the World a Better Place

Always maintaining high aspirations, we will work hard to improve our skills, and provide services based on our accumulated technological capabilities.

ID&E Group is a consulting and engineering company with outstanding technical and management capabilities cultivated through domestic and international infrastructure-related businesses.
We will continue to be a trusted business partner in various sectors around the globe, providing comprehensive technological services and making the world a better place by creating a sustainable and prosperous future.


Providing Unique Value as a Company

Evolving into a cohesive, global corporate group Top class worldwide by 2030

The ID&E Group aims to be a consulting and engineering firm that is overwhelmingly No.1 in Japan and top class worldwide. We will evolve into a global corporate group that transcends the differences between people with different backgrounds, places of origin, cultures, etc. and unites them as one.


Tackle your problems with sincerity and the road ahead shall be clear.

“Willingness to Try” “Valuing Speed”
“Entrepreneurial Mindset” “Stakeholder Satisfaction”

As members of the ID&E Group, we want to be useful and help improve the world. To achieve this, we will continue working with sincerity, demonstrating the willingness to try, valuing speed, maintaining an entrepreneurial mindset, and seeking stakeholder satisfaction.

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