Nippon Koei is a specialist in energy conservation. We have conducted energy audits for more than 200 buildings and factories and have averaged 20-30% energy cost-savings in private firms.

As an ESCO company (Energy Service COmpany), we manage projects designed to improve energy efficiency and maintenance costs for facilities over a 5- to 20-year time period. Typically we offer the following service modules:

Selected Project Experience

Commercial Facilities & Buildings Development Study for Institutional Capacity Development of Energy Management in the Building Sector, Iran Comprehensive Technical Cooperation in the Field of Energy, Indonesia
Study on Introduction of Energy Saving Project for Complex Commercial Bldg, Chiba, Japan
Advisory Services and Study on Introduction of Energy Saving and ESCO Project in Facilities and Buildings of Central and several Local Governments, Japan
Hotels Study on Energy Saving, Japan
Hospitals Advisory Services for Energy Saving and ESCO Project, Japan
Analysis of Energy Saving and ESCO Project, Indonesia
Factories Advisory Services for Introduction of ESCO Project to Plants: Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia
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