Nippon Koei has developed and proven technologies that have put us in the forefront of contributions to disaster management initiatives over the last 50 years. We have significantly improved the capacity of national crisis management planning and by protecting the integrity of country infrastructure in the face of natural disasters. We cover all aspects of disaster management from preparedness to emergency response and recovery.

Landslide Disaster Response & Planning
Landslides blocking front and back of bus on Iwaki-Ishikawa Route, Northeastern Japan
Disaster Investigation and Design Works for Tsunami Disaster in Iwate, Japan

Our disaster risk assessment includes analyzing disaster history, performing a highly accurate disaster hazard analysis, evaluating the physical conditions, socio-economic, and environmental features, and disaster vulnerability. We use this as the basis for efficient and effective disaster prevention activities and organization of disaster management system and crisis management plan.

Our services include real-time monitoring, geological survey measurement & dynamics analysis, design engineering, construction supervision, plans for managing floods and sediment, comprehensive plans for crisis management and mobilization of local community resources, etc. We employ engineering tools such as numerical analysis, DEM and FEM in cooperation with Nippon Koei's own R&D Center, to plan effective measures based on highly accurate mechanism analysis, and to achieve cost reduction through value analysis.

Selected Project Experience

El Salvador
Capacity Development of the Department of Climate Change Adaptation and Strategic Risk Management for Strengthening of Public Infrastructure
ASEAN, Philippines
Data Collection Survey on ASEAN Regional Collaboration in Disaster Management Study on Comprehensive Disaster Prevention around Mayon Volcano

Landslide Disaster Response & Planning

Our services address debris flows, slope instability, landslides, avalanche and falling rocks caused by abnormal torrential rain, large-scale earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions threaten a country's vital economic infrastructure lifelines, especially roads.

We provide experienced professional engineers to make rapid site reconnaissance and risk assessment, and promptly respond with a series of engineering design analyses, emergency restoration, and permanent measures based on extensive experience and know-how. We offer consulting services such as providing information and hazard maps to community residents and the affected areas, recommend traffic restrictions, and also provide technical assistance for future disaster prevention and disaster recovery.

Selected Project Experience

Study on Landslide Disaster Management
Study of Landslides in Abai Valley
Study on Slope Disaster Management for Federal Roads
Study on Disaster Risk Management for Narayangharh - Mugling Highway, Project for Countermeasure Construction for Landslides on Sindhuli Road
Study on Disaster Risk Management for Sediment-related Disaster on Selected National Highways
East Timor
Project for the Capacity Building in Road Maintenance

Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster Response & Planning

Under the Comprehensive Restoration Plan for the 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, we are providing engineering consulting in over 100 urgent restoration projects, including damage evaluation works for more than 160 bridges, design works for 20 fishery ports, as well as project and construction management applying PPP for the severely damaged Sanriku Coastal Road Reconstruction Project.

To cope with these events that have the potential for causing large-scale devastation and human suffering, we focus on known active faults from the Geological Survey, and we analyze the extent and inundation depth of modulation of target areas. From this analysis, we simulate building damage and human impacts, and then develop an earthquake disaster prevention & mitigation plan including educating residents about evacuation details.

Selected Project Experience

Study on Earthquake Disaster Mitigation in the Kathmandu valley
Study for the Earthquake Micro-zoning
Study on Earthquake Disaster Risk Management for Almaty City
Project for Seismic Risk Assessment and Risk Management Plan
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