Mid-career recruitmentInternational Consulting Operations

Application Guidelines

Required positions
  • Technical staff to be engaged in overseas consulting activities, having experience in investigation,
    planning, design, and construction supervision in the following fields:
    • Urban Development Division
      1. 1.Urban Planning and Development
      2. 2.Special Economic Zone / Industrial Estate Development
      3. 3.Economy and financial analysis, management and business method
      4. 4.Organization / society
    • Architecture Division
      1. 1.Architecture & Design
      2. 2.Construction management
    • Water Supply & Sewerage Division
      1. 1.Water Supply
      2. 2.Sewerage
      3. 3.Seawater desalination
      4. 4.Sludge disposal
    • Transportation Division
      1. 1.Transportation Planning
      2. 2.Intelligent Transport Systems
      3. 3.Highway / Bridge / Tunnel
      4. 4.Port / Airport
      5. 5.Railway
    • Hydropower / Water Resources / River / Disaster Management / Sabo Division
      1. 1.Hydropower generation, water tunnel
      2. 2.Water resources development
      3. 3.River & Dam
      4. 4.Disaster Management
      5. 5.Sabo
    • Energy Division
      1. 1.Renewable energies
      2. 2.Utilizing biomass
      3. 3.Thermal power
      4. 4.Electricity, electricity, transmission / substation
      5. 5.Geothermal generation
    • Agriculture Division
      1. 1.Agricultural economy / rural finance
      2. 2.Farming / Cultivation
      3. 3.Food value chain / marketing
      4. 4.Rural Society / Organization / Gender
      5. 5.Irrigation engineering
      6. 6.Rural area development
      7. 7.Agribusiness promotion and management
    • Environment Division
      1. 1.Waste management
      2. 2.Forest and watershed management / Soil & water conservation & Eco-DRR / Biodiversity conservation / REDD+/ Remote sensing & GIS
      3. 3.Climate change (Adaptation and Mitigation)
      4. 4.Environment management, Pollution control and measures
      5. 5.Environmental consideration & EIA, Social Consideration
      6. 6.Natural resources management
Required qualifications
  • University or graduate school graduate
  • Expert experience of more than 5 years in the field as a rule
  • As a rule TOEIC 600 points or more
Work location Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (Business trip abroad, primarily developing countries)
Employment status Regular or contract empoloyee
Employment Type Adapting to employment form, considering experience / age, it depends on our company regulations
Salary Depending on employment form, it depends on our company regulations
Working hours Flextime system (core time 10: 00 ~ 15: 00)
Standard working hours 7.5 hours / day
When traveling overseas, please follow the working hours of the country concerned
Holiday Five-day work-week(Saturday, Sunday and National holiday), Paid holiday, Other special holiday

How to Apply

Please send your resume with photo attached, work experiences and personal history (educational background, job history, desired kind of occupation), reason for application and "Nippon Koei Group Privacy Notice for Candidates" to the address below

  • Prospective candidates will be contacted to set up an interview after screening of their documents. Confidentiality of applicant's information will be maintained.
  • Please note: It is unable to return your documents

Submission of application documents

1-14-6 Kudan-kita Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
102-8539 JAPAN
NIPPON KOEI CO.,LTD. International Consulting Operations
Logistics & Operations Dept. Recuruitment Team


*When you apply by e-mail, please read application guidelines well and send all the required documents.


For any questions please contact by "Inquiries in the form".

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