Basic Policy on Information Security


On the basis of our management philosophy, namely, “Act with integrity and Contribute to society through technology and engineering”, the Company makes it its basic policy on information security that it will take all possible measures to ensure the safety and reliability of the information assets widely used in the execution of our business and to ensure information security, thereby meeting the confidence placed in us by society, our clients and our business partners”.
On the basis of this philosophy and the basic policy outlined above, the Company declares that it will without fail observe the following.

  1. 1.The Company shall take appropriate measures for the management of information security with respect to each and every information asset handled in the course of its business.
  2. 2.All personnel handling information assets in the execution of the business of the Company shall recognize the importance of information security, abide by this basic policy on information security and act in accordance with regulations, such as management standards and procedures, determined on the basis of this policy.
  3. 3.The Company shall endeavor to ensure that information assets entrusted to the Company in the course of business are used appropriately and protected from exposure, while giving special recognition to the importance of such information assets.
  4. 4.The Company shall comply with the laws and standards relating to the management of information security.
  5. 5.The Company shall develop a structure for the management of information security and shall carry out continuous improvement activities to combat new threats to information assets.

December 21, 2004

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