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Smart Community Project in Katsurao Village to Promote Local Production and Local Consumption of Energy

Installation of a Regional Energy Management System

  • Delivery of power storage equipment
  • Reducing the capacity of receiving electricity by CEMS
  • Power supply to village center in case of disaster


Maximum Use of Renewable Energy and Achieve Stable Energy Supply

Image of Smart Community

With the support of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) of Japan, Katsurao Village in Fukushima Prefecture, which was severely damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake, has been working on the "Katsurao Village Smart Community Project". The aim is maximizing the use of renewable energy for local production and local consumption, strengthening local disaster prevention capabilities by securing electricity, and consequently restoring the local economy. The installed energy management facilities commenced operation in December 2020.
While pursuing the economic rationality of the project, there were issues that needed to be addressed, such as enabling a stable supply of renewable energy with large output fluctuations to consumers in the village, and how to secure power in the event of a disaster. In response to these issues, Nippon Koei has provided engineering services from advisory to implementation of the project, utilizing its energy management technology.


Installation of Energy Storage Facilities and CEMS (Community Energy Management System)

Image of Energy Management System Network

In the Katsurao Village Smart Community Project, a solar power generation system (1.2 MW) and an energy storage system (700 kW/3 MWh) are installed in the village, and electricity is supplied to residences and public and commercial facilities in the village via a five km-long self-owned distribution line.
In this project, NK delivered power storage facilities and the Community Energy Management System (CEMS), which is a system to manage the energy of the entire community by monitoring the energy storage facilities and equipment in the smart community and adjusting the supply and demand of electricity.


Maximizing Economic Efficiency While Maintaining Stable Energy Supply

Screen Image of Energy Management System

The CEMS developed by our company minimizes the purchase of electricity from the power market (power companies, etc.) by maximizing the use of renewable energy, thereby contributing to the reduction of electricity costs for businesses in the village.
On the other hand, there is a problem with the stability of power supply if the focus is only on economic efficiency and relying on renewable energy generation all the time, so that a stable supply and demand of electricity is realized by optimally controlling the power from solar power generation and storage facilities according to the power demand in the village, including general households.
In this way, local production and local consumption of renewable energy and improved resilience have been achieved in times of disaster.