Japan's No.1 International Engineering Consultants.

No. 1 Sales among civil engineering consulting firms in Japan.

History and Proven Track Record

During 70 years, Nippon Koei has worked on over 5000 multi-disciplinary infrastructure projects in 160 countries all over the world.

Nippon Koei is the oldest independent consulting firm in Japan. We have been providing consulting services for economic development projects since 1946.



No.1 Human Resource in the Industry

Act with integrity and contribute to society through technology and engineering.

With 1,534 officially certified professional engineers (the most in the industry in Japan) who have expertise in disciplines including civil engineering, comprehensive technical management, applied science and water supply and sewerage, the Nippon Koei Group provides consulting services around the world.

Comprehensive Competency for Proposing Optimal Solutions

Amid growing sophistication and complexification, we respond to customers' needs through our overall competency based on the combined strengths of experts across different fields.

Apart from the construction of infrastructure in line with the economic growth of emerging countries, we will take advantage of our expertise in different areas to swiftly and appropriately respond to ever-changing social needs.

Business Areas

Business Areas

State-of-the-Art Research and Technologies

At our own research center, the largest in the industry, we conduct research in civil engineering, environment, social sciences and other areas in a bid to develop technologies that have practical application around the world.

The R&D Center boasts the industry's largest scale. It engages in the latest basic research with forward-looking insights as well as in applied research in its large-scale experimental facilities and lab field.
We have obtained a large number of patents that are used in projects conducted in Japan and in the rest of the world.

Technology Development / Human Resource Development

Technology Development / Human Resource Development

A Network That Extends Across the Globe

We have offices in many countries around the world and our staff work in the global arena.
In addition, we have established a community-based production system.
At the Nippon Koei Group, our broad range of human talent are showing their capabilities in roles around the world.

The community-based structure allows us to offer engineering services suited to different communities and to conduct job creation and technology transfer for the sustained development of individual communities.

Global Network

Global Network

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