Management Philosophy・Code of Conduct

Management Philosophy

Act with integrity and contribute to society through technology
and engineering.

Since its establishment in 1946, the Nippon Koei Group has contributed to the building of social infrastructure in Japan and overseas. Yutaka Kubota, the founder of Nippon Koei, confidently stated “Tackle your problems with sincerity and the road ahead shall be clear,” and dedicated his technical expertise and passion to building social infrastructure that is safe and reliable. That spirit of social contribution based on conducting business with conviction is a part of the corporate DNA that continues to guide our employees today.
The world is full of people who desire better living standards. The Nippon Koei Group will remain committed to acting with integrity as it contributes to national and regional social development all over the world.

Code of Conduct

The Nippon Koei Group's Code of Conduct stipulates its duties and policies and specific behavioral standards for its officers and employees for their business activities.

For details, refer to the PDF file.

Code of Conduct(696KB)


1-1 Faithful and Ethical Behavior
Acting with integrity has always been the most fundamental aspect of our corporate responsibility. Thus, Nippon Koei is committed to behaving in an ethical manner, enhancing corporate governance, improving the quality of technical services and products, and earning the trust and respect of society. Nippon Koei makes sure that executives and employees are aware of the corporate governance policy, put the policy into practice, and ensure the transparency and credibility of corporate management.
1-2 Compliance with Social Norms, Laws, and Regulations
Nippon Koei is committed to strictly following the letter and spirit of laws and regulations. Nippon Koei responds harshly to conflicts of interest. Additionally, Nippon Koei is determined to take an unyielding approach to antisocial forces that threaten the peace or safety of societies and ban any relations with such antisocial forces.


2-1 Developing Technologies
The mission of Nippon Koei is to contribute to the sustainable development of society by offering technical skills in the services we provide. Nippon Koei correctly understands the needs of society and is committed to leading technological research and development.
2-2 Ensuring Technical Quality
With pride in its team of professionals, Nippon Koei is committed to maintaining and improving quality to provide high-quality technical services and products that achieve customer satisfaction.


3-1 Fair and Free Competition
Nippon Koei refuses to pursue business interests through illicit means; therefore, Nippon Koei operates in a fair, transparent manner of free competition and in compliance with laws and regulations.
3-2 Responsible Procurement
Nippon Koei is well aware of the influences of our procurement decisions. Nippon Koei respects the position of business partners and maintains fair procurement practices, while Nippon Koei promotes their adoption of the practices of social responsibility.
3-3 Proper Financial Reporting
As a listed company, Nippon Koei is responsible for ensuring the credibility of financial reporting. For this purpose, Nippon Koei has an internal control system to draft financial reports based on fair and appropriate financial records.
3-4 Protection and Use of Intellectual Property
Knowledge and innovation are key drivers of growth and prosperity. Nippon Koei respects that intellectual property is used to contribute to the sustainable development of society, while Nippon Koei works to protect and manage those rights.


4-1 Respect for Human Rights
Nippon Koei affirms diversity and does not limit employment opportunities or discriminate on the basis of race, nationality, sex, faith, or social status.
4-2 Creating a Dynamic, Reliable Work Environment
Nippon Koei works to maintain a free and dynamic work environment, preserve the rights of employees who are motivated and capable, and build a workplace where cooperative relationships between the employee and management are maintained. When determining working conditions, Nippon Koei engages in sincere and constructive discussions and negotiations and maintains sound labor-management relations.
4-3 Realizing Work-Life Balance
The work environment of Nippon Koei rewards all employees for fulfilling job responsibilities, meet the career expectations of each person, and allow each employee to make individual choices with regard to different lifestyles at home, keeping pace with the changes in life stages.
4-4 Creating a Safe Work Environment
Nippon Koei places top priority on safety in every aspect of corporate activities.
4-5 Developing Human Resources and their Competence
To develop human resources with high ethical standards, creativity, and deep expertise, Nippon Koei consistently provides educational opportunities on corporate and professional ethics. Nippon Koei also maintains a system to enhance expert knowledge and the technologies of employees and encourages every employee to obtain official qualifications.


5-1 Enhancing PR (public relations) and IR (investor relations) Activities
Nippon Koei promotes engagements with stakeholders and ensures the transparency and credibility of management through such opportunities as the general meeting of shareholders, where we welcome open discussion for enhanced IR activities.
5-2 Information Management and Preventing Insider Trading
Nippon Koei strictly protects and controls all information obtained in the course of business and prevents abuse and leaking of such information. Nippon Koei also maintains the systems of compliance to prevent insider trading.


6-1 Providing Environment-friendly Technologies and Products
Nippon Koei recognizes that conservation of the global environment is a priority issue shared by all human beings and promotes research and technological development for a sustainable society.
6-2 Reducing Load on the Global Environment
Nippon Koei positively promotes environment-friendly business activities to create a more affluent environment where nature and people can coexist in harmony. Nippon Koei complies with laws, regulations, international standards, and company rules concerning the environment, including our Ten Environmental Principles.


7-1 Contributing to society through our businesses
Nippon Koei is committed to working as a team and building socio-economic infrastructure as the basis of affluence for communities and residents around the globe. Nippon Koei respects the history and culture of each nation and region and contributes to the sustainable development of society through excellent technical services and products appropriate for each region.
7-2 Participating in Social Action Programs
As members of the local communities and as a good corporate citizen, Nippon Koei works with the communities in which we operate and contribute to their welfare. Executives and employees are encouraged and supported to voluntarily take part in social contribution activities. Nippon Koei also encourages engineers in developing nations through operational assistance from the Kubota Fund, established by Yutaka Kubota, the founder of Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.


Since its foundation, Nippon Koei has acted in good faith, maintained its credibility, and contributed to society. Our efforts have been appreciated by society and Nippon Koei has established a leading position in the industry. This is our Brand-Value. With pride in the credibility of Nippon Koei, Nippon Koei will protect and enhance our brand value.

Ten Environmental Principles

For details, refer to the PDF file.

Ten Environmental Principles(33KB)

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