Message from President

Towards new value creation through emergence

The ID&E Group is a corporate group formed in July 2023 by restructuring the Nippon Koei Group in order to strongly promote its unique business, including comprehensive social development through a wide range of business fields, contributions worldwide through a global network and the promotion of emergence through diverse human capital.

Nippon Koei Business Partners Co., Ltd. was established as one of the main operating companies of the ID&E Group to take on the management of the Group.
Our Purpose is to realise the true value of this new framework and realise a 'livable society' for the ID&E Group as a whole, and our Mission is to increase the Group's corporate value.

The company's main role is to manage the entire group, with ID&E Holdings at its core, and to provide support to group companies. Within the company, there are various functions such as business administration, outsourcing, co-creation strategy promotion, sales and regional management, and information system development. By utilising the expertise of each of these functions, and by demonstrating their combined strengths, the ID&E Holdings Group promotes the creation of new value through emergence within and outside the Group.

As the best partner for the ID&E Group companies, we will contribute to social development on a global scale and open up the future.
We look forward to your continued support of our company and the ID&E Group.

Yasushi Hirusaki
Representative Director and President
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