R&D Center

Research and development of the Nippon Koei Group's core technologies in fields such as civil engineering, environmental studies and social sciences is conducted primarily at the R&D Center. Its research outcomes are applied to distinctive measures in various projects conducted in Japan and overseas.

Serving as a Hub That Supports the Improvement of Technical Development Capabilities to Bring it to World-Class Level

Through its basic research for the future and applied research that is directly linked to practical business, the R&D Center serves as a technical and human resource hub in working with different departments and Group companies. It helps to enhance our strengths in engineering consultation by promoting technological development.

R&D Center Achieves Technological Innovation through "Integrated Powers"

Consulting engineers need integrated capabilities that draw on a number of areas of expertise. Therefore, at the R&D Center, research groups in the areas of civil engineering (water, soil, structures and earthquake resistance), environmental studies (chemical and natural) and socio-economics operate in a single unit called the Advanced Technology Department. Pooling the knowledge of engineers specializing in various fields in an open organization enables our integrated strengths to be exercised and creates an environment conducive to technological innovation.


The R&D Center covers main technical areas that cut across a large number of projects, especially in the power and transportation engineering fields.

Advanced Numerical Modeling

We provide you optimum solutions for the issues in social capital, environment, disaster prevention and transportation planning.

Application Technology Elemental Technology
Project Evaluation and Optimization Cost-Benefit Analysis, Optimization Method
Transportation Planning Traffic Analysis, GIS
Environmental Impact Assessment Computation Fluid Analysis, Satellite Image Analysis
Risk Management in Sediment-related Disasters of Mountains and Roads Neural Network, Soft Computing

Structural Analysis

We apply our independently developed multiple discrete crack model and others to check the soundness of aged sewer lines, provide reinforcement design for them and to examine the performance of dams, tunnels and other concrete structures damaged by cracks.


Hydraulic Engineering

Research and development concerning Planning and Designing of Hydraulic Structures with Hydraulic Model Study - Rivers, dams, sewerage systems, seashores, ports, power generation, and water supply -


Environmental / Applied Hydraulic Engineering

To meet the nation's various expectations, comprehensive approaches should be taken toward basin management. The study should include flood control, water resources development, base flow control, and water environment conservation. Nippon Koei provides sophisticated analysis tools for this purpose. A number of models ranging from SHER, a simplified model, to NK-CBM, a cell-based state of the art model are to be use at different study stage.

Hydrology for Disaster Management

We have developed numerical analysis models for tsunamis, storm surges and floods to conduct real-time disaster forecasts, to estimate the damage caused by disasters, to implement disaster risk management as well as hydrological analysis and evaluation of disaster management plans.


Watershed Sand Control

With the use of numerical analysis models and hydrological model tests for rockslides, quicksand, driftwood and others, we conduct hydrological analysis and evaluation of the effects of rockslides, mudslides, landslide dams and sand control facilities as well as the monitoring of quicksand and the development of sand control plans.

Geo-technical Earthquake Resistance Engineering

Preparedness for large earthquakes, beginning with active fault research, and concluding with earthquake resistant design.


Rock-mechanics Engineering

Numerical simulation techniques can quantitatively assess effectiveness of various prevention measures for slope stability problems such as landslides, rock fall, and debris flow. We believe numerical simulation will provide you economical and reliable solution together with conventional engineering techniques.


Geo-material Engineering

We offer high quality technology services in the field of the geo-material engineering through our fully equipped facilities an technology skills to meet all your needs related to soil material, stability of the soil structure and special geotechnical problem such as rock-fill dam, highway, high fill at mountain airport, soft ground construction, disposal facilities and solid waste, soil-structure interaction problem, seismic safety, soil erosion geo-environmental problem etc..

Environmental Science

We undertake water and soil surveys and performs soil and water sample analysis. Furthermore, we undertake various complete environmental consulting services involving investigation, evaluation, analysis, and examination in collaboration with other departments of our company or partner organization.


Nature Conservation

We provide proposing and implementing techniques for nature conservation.

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