Technology Development / Human Resource Development

Practical Wisdom
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Human resource development and technological
development are the growth engines of our business,
and we are taking various initiatives in both areas.

Collaborative Research Partners

Our present list of partnerships
includes the following:

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Organization Country MOU signing date
Korea Electric Power Research Institute (KEPRI) Republic of Korea October 15, 2008
(Updated September 5, 2013)
Asian Institute of Technology Thailand January 30, 2009
National Cheng Kung University
(Disaster Prevention Research Center)
Taiwan September 13, 2010
The Department of Hydraulic Engineering,
Tsinghua University
People's Republic of China May 27, 2011
Institute of Technology of Cambodia Kingdom of Cambodia December 7, 2011
Myanmar Engineering Society Republic of the Union of Myanmar November 2, 2012
University of Peradeniya Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka April 9, 2013
HR Wallingford Ltd. United Kingdom April 24, 2014
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur India April 22, 2015
SINOTECH Engineering Consultants, Inc., Taiwan July 25, 2016
Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan January 24, 2017
Yangon Technological University Myanmar May 19, 2017

(as of August 1, 2017)


Human Resource

Human resources who act with integrity and technology that contributes to society are essential in fulfilling our Group management philosophy. We believe that people are our greatest business resource, and seek to develop each employee as a professional with a high level of expertise.

Career Support Program

Initial Career Development Process

A process that continues until the employee has technical proficiency in one specialty field

  • Technical training
    • Personnel exchange MSP1
    • TD training/TD follow-up training2
    • Support for acquisition of engineering qualifications
    • Career Path Sheet system etc.
  • Level-based training
    • New employee orientation training
    • New employee follow-up training
    • Mid-level employee training etc.
  1. 1.MSP (Multi Seed Program) is a personnel exchange system that assigns employees for a certain period to different departments from their current one in order to develop engineers who can accept diversity of skills, knowledge, values and other attributes.
  2. 2.TD (Technical Development) is a Nippon Koei training program in which employees draw up their own career vision to develop technical expertise

Professional Development Process

The process of maintaining and upgrading technical proficiency including in peripheral fields

Professional Development Process

Participation in academic conferences

Overseas observation tours

Research exchange meetings

Training for managers

TOPICSGroup Employees Gather to Share Technologies

Once a year, engineers from the Nippon Koei Group gather for the NK Group Technical Forum to create synergy and expand their personal networks by sharing technologies and examples of businesses they are promoting that apply advanced technologies. The 2017 event was based on the theme of “NK Group Synergy: Creating Value from Diversity,” and featured oral presentations and exhibitions, a TED-style talk and a special lecture. As one example of exchanging the latest information and sharing achievements throughout the Group, the event was broadcast to Group offices around the world.

TOPICSPromotion of Work-Life Balance

Industry's first on-site day care center

In the Nippon Koei Group, our diverse employees work in a variety of ways to lead full lives while maximizing their individual abilities. In addition to actively promoting no overtime day and the flextime system to optimize working hours, we are enhancing our system for flexible working styles. Measures include offering on-site day care and introducing options for working at home as support systems for balancing work and child-rearing/family care. Moreover, we have formulated an action plan to promote the success of women and are working to create an environment in which all employees, regardless of gender, can achieve work-life balance.

Staff Professional Qualifications

We have more certified Professional Engineers than any other civil engineering consulting company in Japan.

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