Nippon Koei, as well as its development planning & management subsidiary company KRI International Corp. (KRI), provide effective consulting services that have assisted in activation of central governments and public institutions to achieve their development goals.

Joint Coordination Committee for Urban Planning, Malawi
Joint Coordination Committee
for Urban Planning, Malawi

Our consulting services include planning / designing national development master-plan, programs and projects, project management and project evaluation. We cover every aspect of institutional development: namely policy study and analysis, proposing institutional, organizational and managerial improvement, implementation of pilot projects for upgrading institutional functions, capacity development through training and workshops, and finally monitoring and evaluation.

Selected Project Experience

Ethiopia Project on Strengthening Multi Sectoral Planning and Budgeting Capacity in Oromia Region
Philippines Study on Improvement of Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) System
Ghana Financial Management Improvement Project of Ministry of Food & Agriculture

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