Message from Director and President

“To become a global corporate group that is strengthened We will continue to evolve.”

Hiroaki Shinya (Representative Director and President)

Hiroaki Shinya Representative Director and President
Hiroaki Shinya
Director and President

Based on the NK Group’s belief in “helping the world and making it a better place to live,” which we have held for 75 years since our foundation, we have provided as a consulting and engineering company comprehensive technical services to create a society that is comfortable to live in. Toward the future, by adding new technologies and knowledge to the technical and management capabilities we have cultivated, our mission is to respond globally to the need to create a prosperous and sustainable society. To that end, looking back on our company history by leveraging our strengths and overcoming our weaknesses, we aim to promote our sustainable growth toward becoming a 100-year company.

In 2030, the target year of our long-term management strategy, and beyond, the global trends will be greater severity and frequency of natural disasters due to global climate change, demographic change due to aging in advanced countries and the population explosion in developing countries, and shortages of resources. At the same time, advances in technology will trigger rapid urbanization and a shift in the center of gravity of the global economy. Some of these trends are already manifesting themselves as rapid changes in the social environment and as geopolitical and social risks. As a result, the need to create a sustainable society will greatly increase, including demand for social infrastructure so that people can live safely and securely, for cities and transportation with low environmental impact that enable everyone to freely interact and operate, and for energy management utilizing renewable energy and distributed power sources.
At the same time, our lifestyles have changed significantly due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the world. In the post-pandemic world, we will need to adapt swiftly to a drastic paradigm shift. These challenges involve great risks for us, but from another point of view, while they provide great opportunities for the NK Group to contribute, it can also be said that we will have no future unless we confront and overcome them.

In order to aim higher and compete with these companies in the future, it is urgent to solidify our overwhelming No. 1 position in the domestic market and promote business expansion in the global market. The members of the NK Group, who have different nationality, language, and culture, will work together to grow into a "united and resilient global corporate group" with a common goal, and be making a new NKG brand.

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