Corporate Governance

To improve its corporate value further, the Nippon Koei Group established Basic Corporate Governance Policy (98.9KB) ,with the principal concepts of strengthening the supervisory functions of the management structure, assuring transparent management and speedy decision-making and execution, and enhancing corporate governance.

As shown in the corporate governance structure diagram below, the Nippon Koei Group has adopted a corporate framework with a corporate auditor system (and Board of Directors and accounting auditor system) , which is capable of performing solid statutory audits. The Group has also established the Nominating and Compensation Advisory Committee, which includes independent Outside Directors as Committee members, with the intent of improving fair and transparent management, while segregating the management monitoring and supervisory function from the function for business execution by setting up the executive officers system, aiming at clear accountability and speedy decision making.

Corporate Governance Structure Diagram
As of May 1, 2017
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