Occupational Health and Safety

Fundamental Approach to Occupational Health and Safety

Nippon Koei places top priority on safety in every aspect of corporate activities in the Group Code of Conduct and complies with all occupational health and safety laws, regulations and internal rules. Our basic objective is to prevent occupational accidents and illnesses and ensure the safety of all people from our corporate officers and employees to partner companies and everyone else in the value chain.

We believe employees are the foundation of Nippon Koei, and we not only strives to engage in health management initiatives but also promotes various health measures unifying the company, employees and health insurance association to help all of our human resources perform to the best of their abilities.

Even in the event an occupational accident or illness occurs, we have put in place a crisis management system to respond quickly while working to prevent recurrence by disclosing the necessary information both inside and outside of the company.

The Nippon Koei Group also uses basic objective of the Code of Conduct and an active defensive approach to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. We are uncompromising in measures to fight the spread of this infection with the goal of protecting the health and lives of employees and their families as well as minimizing the impact on our customers.

Systems to Promote Occupational Health and Safety Management

Our occupational health and safety system consists of the Safety and Health & Environment Committee overseen by the Total Risk Management Council chaired by the President. The Committee shares information about overtime and the prevention of occupational accidents as well as debates and approves relevant measures in addition to thoroughly managing Group-wide occupational health and safety risks.

Each headquarters has set up subcommittees under the Safety and Health & Environment Committee to effectively execute the overall measures debated and approved by the Committee and develop a variety of departmental occupational health and safety management measures.

The Safety and Health & Environment Committee is in charge of promoting health management and coordinates with the Work-Life Balance Promoting Committee (under the Management Council), which promotes work style reforms, to create an environment maintaining and bettering the health of employees and their families.

The Personnel Department acts as the secretariat for both of these committees to establish a single body to promote occupational health and safety, health management and work style reform.

The Personnel Department also has a team specializing in occupational health and safety in addition to a health management room made up of full-time industrial physicians and other medical staff (exclusive industrial physicians, nurses, and certified psychologists), which builds a system to support health care for employees and their families.

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

*1 The Safety and Health & Environment Committee organizes subcommittees at each headquarter.
*2 The Personnel Department set up a dedicated occupational health and safety team.

Examples of Occupational Health and Safety Initiatives

Safety Patrols

Nippon Koei conducts safety patrols on project sites worldwide according to criteria determined by the scale and type of project for the purpose of eradicating occupational accidents and raising employee awareness.

On projects to supervise and manage construction, we verify the level of safety measures on-site and everyone involved in construction through measures such as joint safety patrols done monthly by Nippon Koei, clients and contractors, and weekly safety patrols conducted by contractors.

These safety patrols also incorporate a PDCA cycle to eradicate occupational accidents by sharing the findings of safety patrols with the people involved in the project as well as promptly proposing corrective actions according to the findings for each project and reporting the progress of action taken.

The Safety and Health & Environment Committee and each sub-committee receive the results from these safety patrols to share the safety management risks and best practices across organizational boundaries.

Security Surveys

Nippon Koei has established its own unique risk standards for international joint development ventures and other overseas projects to make decisions for receiving order and transit. When launching projects in high-risk countries, we work with experts at risk management firms contracted by Nippon Koei to conduct security surveys at project offices, dormitories and other project-related sites. These surveys enhance security measures at offices and dormitories based on the insights of risk management experts to ensure the highest possible level of safety and security for employees in the work environment.

Power Safety Olympics

The manufacturing and construction departments of the Energy Headquarters holds Power Safety Olympics once a year to improve employee safety awareness by stipulating safety management procedures and sharing and exchanging ideas about training and measures using occupational accident examples.

Number of Occupational Accidents

Fiscal year ended June 30, 2018 Fiscal year ended June 30, 2019 Fiscal year ended June 30, 2020
Total 9 11 13
 During Work 7(1) 7(3) 10
 During Commute 2(2) 4 3
Manufacturing Department 3 0 1
Construction Department 0 3 1

*Figures in the parenthesis indicate the number of accidents requiring time off from work.

Health Guidance

Nippon Koei places emphasis on preventing the progression of illnesses with health checkups as the core element and provides health guidance by unifying the health management room and health insurance association.

The health management room also sends individual confirmation emails about medical checkups to employees who require a follow-up medical examination and regularly monitors the situation. Under the guidance of exclusive industrial physicians, we set high-risk values (panic values) and provide individual guidance through interviews with high-risk persons.

Special health insurance guidance offered by the health insurance association brings Nippon Koei together with the health insurance association to encourage regular checkups and provides an online consultation environment as a measure even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to individual guidance, the Safety and Health & Environment Committee holds health education, managerial training as well as other physical and mental healthcare courses through industrial physicians to foster Group-wide health awareness.

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