Project on Improved Extension for Value-Added Agriculture, Jordan River Rift Valley
Project on Improved Extension for
Value-Added Agriculture,
Jordan River Rift Valley
Komering Irrigation Project, Indonesia
Komering Irrigation Project, Indonesia
Asahan 2 HPP, Indonesia
Diversified Agriculture for Enhanced
Farm Income in Himachal Pradesh,

Over the last 50 years, Nippon Koei has managed 300 agriculture and rural development projects in 50 countries. These have improved the living standards of many rural communities.

We have a full range of in-house expertise from the fields of agronomy, land use, agro-economy, marketing, agro-processing, irrigation and drainage, other rural infrastructure, agricultural research and extension, credit and other supporting systems, etc. In all Nippon Koei led development projects, we ensure that environments are preserved. Our integrated approach includes a long-term commitment to capacity building. Our multi-disciplinary consulting services for Agronomy and Irrigation & Drainage Engineering are listed below.

Integrated Agriculture & Rural Development Programs

At regional and national levels, we integrate sustainable, environmentally sensitive agricultural policies and dissemination of technical innovations with carefully designed agriculture and rural development programs, awareness of local, national and international market place realities, and balanced by special attention to agrarian, social, economic and ethnic aspects of rural communities.

Selected Project Experience

Senegal Project for Improvement of Productivity in Irrigation Scheme in Valley of Senegal
Madagascar Study on Rural Development and Watershed Management in South-West Alaotra
Palestine Project on Improved Extension for Value-Added Agriculture in Jordan Rift Valley
Philippines Agrarian Reform Infrastructure Support Project I & II & III
Sri Lanka Pro-Poor Economic Advancement and Community Enhancement (PEACE) Project

Irrigation Infrastructure Development

Our technical services for irrigation infrastructures include studies, planning, design, construction supervision, water management, operation and maintenance of dams, head works, groundwater wells, canals, and related irrigation facilities as well as establishment and strengthening of water user associations.

Selected Project Experience

Tanzania Mwega Smallholder Irrigation in Morogoro Region
Syria East Meskene Irrigation Project
Ecuador Catarama Area Agricultural Development
Nepal Sunsari Morang Irrigation Project
India PMC for Andhra Pradesh Irrigation and Livelihood Improvement Project
Sri Lanka Walawe Irrigation Upgrading and Extension Project Phase II

Agricultural Support Services & Training

UWe work to update the knowledge, technical skills, local organizations and technical support services for farmers and local communities based on our extensive expertise for crop diversification, farm product development, marketing, credit schemes, and technical and management training. We also help design and implement information management systems using tools such as GIS to promote more effective and sustainable use of natural resources.

Selected Project Experience

Senegal Promotion of Artisanal Activities through One Village One Product Program (OVOP)
Bolivia Improvement of Agricultural Products Marketing System in Santa Cruz
Indonesia Improvement of Rice Post Harvest and Marketing in Farmer Groups
Thailand Export Oriented Crop Promotion Sustenance
Philippines Rural Farmers Agrarian Reform Support Credit Program
India Technical Cooperation Project for Crop Diversification in Himachal Pradesh

Institutional Development & Empowerment

We empower beneficiaries by strengthening of agricultural and irrigation cooperatives, assisting rural communities to develop the skills and confidence to participate in development programs, and assisting institutional reforms with government agencies.

Selected Project Experience

Ethiopia Capacity Building Programs for Community-Based Irrigation Dev in Central Oromia
Kyrgyz Community Empowerment Project in the lssyk-kul Oblast
Palestine Improvement of Local Governance System (Community Empowerment Component)
Peru Rural Dev for Poor Peasants and Local Capacity Strengthening in Central Highlands
Sri Lanka Increasing Integrated Management Capacity on Irrigation Sector in Sri Lanka

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