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One Stop Solution of Power Storage Facilities

Energy Storage Facilities at the Core of the Electricity Market


Expanding Need for Energy Storage Facilities in Recent Years

Power Storage Facilities

In recent years, the Japanese government has established a policy of power system reform and is promoting the introduction of power generation from renewable energy sources that contribute to reducing the burden on the environment. On the other hand, the ability of renewable energy to stably generate electricity is an issue, and it is necessary to control energy resources by charging and discharging through energy storage facilities. In addition, there is a growing need to introduce energy storage facilities for the purpose of adjusting the supply and demand of electricity in virtual power plants (VPPs) and for BCP measures during disasters.

* Virtual power plant (VPP): A system that provides the same functions as a power plant by controlling energy resources such as storage batteries owned by businesses.


Providing Energy Storage Facilities through One-stop Service

In Europe, where the electric power market is more advanced than in Japan, NK has been developing business with focus on energy storage facilities. In addition to leveraging this knowledge, solutions that meet the needs of our customers will be developed by providing one-stop services related to the energy storage business, from engineering, procurement and design (EPC) up to operation, utilizing our comprehensive capabilities.


Highly Flexible Operation with EMS

The energy storage system can be operated not only in normal times through scheduled operation, but also in emergencies such as disasters. In addition, by combining the energy management system (EMS) developed by our company, it is possible to operate the system flexibly according to the needs of the customer.
For example, it is possible to control recharging and discharging according to a schedule, and to control recharging and discharging according to the power generated by solar power generation equipment, frequency fluctuations, etc.