Infrastructure / Real estate

Energy Management System

Flexible power operations to respond customer’s needs


Necessity of EMS

Energy Management System Integrated Controller

In recent years, there has been a growing need to utilize energy resources such as renewable energy and energy storage facilities for adjustments in the electricity market and for power within the community in smart communities. An Energy Management System (EMS) is imperative to maximize the efficiency of these energy resources.


EMS to Enable Management of Complex Energy resources

NK provides EMS systems that enable customers to monitor and control all of their power facilities in homes, buildings, and factories for smooth management and operation.
By monitoring and controlling energy facilities with EMS, energy supply and demand can be visualized, enabling more efficient energy use and stable power utilization.


Operation in Combination with a Variety of Devices

When used in smart communities, it is possible to monitor and control energy resources as well as collectively monitor grid-side information such as power receiving and transforming facilities, solar power generation equipment, power storage equipment, EVs, and cogeneration systems.
This makes it possible to maintain the power supply to a region by operating a variety of equipment not only during normal times but also in the event of a power outage.