Environmental Consideration and Preservation

In response to various global-scale problems, questions are being raised about how to create a sustainable society and the appropriate state of the world. The Nippon Koei Group is working to help solve environmental problems that are becoming more complex, diverse and global.

Renewable Energy

The use of renewable natural energy resources has great potential to prevent or mitigate global warming. Safe, clean renewable energy, which emits virtually no greenhouse gases, is also attracting attention as a way of delivering stable supplies of energy and dispersing the risk of energy sources.
The Nippon Koei Group is aiming to pioneer and build new areas of business that will contribute to the sustainable development of society with stable supplies of renewable energy. We are focusing in particular on the mini hydropower business.

Preserving Biodiversity

The Nippon Koei Group's core businesses are involved in conducting surveys, and providing estimates and evaluations relevant to environmental assessments; environment-related planning; environmental preservation; and environmental restoration and greening businesses. These activities are aimed at achieving and maintaining harmony between development and the environment by preserving air, water and soil environments and biodiversity. One example of our activities is in the Cerrado, the savanna region of Brazil, where destruction of the natural environment is taking place, threatening an ecosystem that is home to five percent of all known species in the world. To solve this problem, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), in cooperation with the Ministry of the Environment of Brazil, launched the Jalapao Region Ecological Corridor Project in 2010. Nippon Koei is serving as a consultant for the project, and is working together with the relevant governments to establish biodiversity preservation frameworks.
In addition, as concern for environmental preservation increases, co-existence with rare plant and animal species is a mandate of various development projects. We cooperate with engineers in projects such as roads and waterways and experts on environmental impact assessments and the natural environment to quickly propose measures to address issues according to the project stage. This enables projects to be carried out while ensuring protection of rare plants and animals.

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