Contribution to Society

Contributing to society through our business activities is part of the Nippon Koei Group Code of Conduct. Taking a global perspective, we respect the histories and cultures of countries and regions where we operate and support their sustainable development by providing excellent engineering services and products suited to regional characteristics.

Contribution to Society through Business Activities

The business of the Nippon Koei Group is highly visible and publicly beneficial. Therefore, we believe that the essence and defining feature of CSR activities is our dedication in core businesses to building, maintaining and developing the foundations for people worldwide to enjoy active and fulfilling lives.

Nippon Koei launched a railway business in the late 1990s and provides engineering services to support both reduction of CO2 emissions and sustainable economic growth in emerging countries. In addition, to help achieve sustainable economic growth and alleviate poverty in impoverished regions of Africa and elsewhere, we provide support for the development of a range of infrastructure projects, and are focusing on improving infrastructure by strengthening cooperation with local companies and employment/training of local human resources.

Taking a global perspective, we respect the histories and cultures of countries and regions where we operate, and provide excellent engineering services and products according to regional characteristics. By deploying the expertise and wide range of technologies we have gained through our many projects in various countries along with our integrated strengths that combine those technologies, we work together to propose solutions that enable sustainable development and meet diverse needs and expectations.

Training of Engineers from Developing Countries

Training of Engineers from Developing Countries

The Kubota Fund was established in 1984 by Yutaka Kubota from his personal fortune to foster the growth of industrial technologies in developing countries by providing financial assistance for education, research and training of engineers.
A total of 306 people from 40 countries have been beneficiaries of the fund since it was established. The Nippon Koei Group will continue to support this program with the hope that everyone who receives grants from the fund will draw on their experience in Japan to spur industrial growth and improve living standards in their home countries and regions.

Support for the Construction and Operation of a Public Library in Kenya

Nippon Koei was involved in planning, design and construction supervision of the Sondu Miriu Hydroelectric Power Station in Kenya from the 1980s until its completion in 2010. This led to a desire to contribute further to the local community over the long term.
Accordingly, we offered support for the construction and operation of a public library, and in June 2001, the Sondu Miriu Public Library was opened. We provide ongoing assistance to the local Hera Women's Group, which runs the library along with the library support association. In recognition of this philanthropic activity, Nippon Koei received a Mécénat Award 2014 from the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts.

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