Contribution to SDGs

Measures for a Sustainable Future

The foundations of Nippon Koei’s business lie in resolving social issues from a long-term perspective. Since our establishment, we have utilized, from both tangible and intangible aspects, our diverse and talented human resources with their sound track record, proven skills and specialized knowledge. This has enabled us to expand our comprehensive consultancy services globally, while enriching lives. As we move toward 2030, we are also contributing to the attainment of all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

Top Commitment SDGs and innovation


Throughout the world, emerging countries and developed countries alike are striving for zero emissions and the construction of smart cities to achieve sustainable societies. In step with this trend, the United Nations is promoting its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which cover activities in 17 different areas. Looking at the Nippon Koei Group’s businesses, we can see that we are already contributing in various ways to achieving all of these SDGs.
In NK-Innovation 2021, we aim to flexibly incorporate the SDGs into our businesses, and make them a common language for behavior within the Company. In other words, we will adopt the SDGs, a global lingua franca, in our day-to-day work as the platform of our business, and maintain an attitude of making better proposals by keeping in mind how each project will contribute to achieving the SDGs. We believe that we should accurately gauge the position of our projects in the relationships between various issues, and mobilize our technologies to solve those issues.
To realize this kind of value creation, we added “innovation” to the title of the new medium-term management plan. Looking at the future environment, open innovation will become the norm, and we will need to strongly promote new combinations of technologies and knowledge both in and outside the Company, in addition to existing frameworks. As a concrete first step, we will focus on establishing a one-stop marketing system. The five business segments and the Nippon Koei Group overall will cooperate to build a marketing platform that is capable of responding to diverse market needs, and will acquire new customers by leveraging that platform.

SDGs Japan

Nippon Koei’s initiatives towards achieving the SDGs were highlighted as a case example on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan website  >

SDGs icon:1,2,6,10

Based on the fundamental philosophy of the SDGs, which is ensuring that “no one will be left behind,” we contribute to the development of social and economic infrastructure that improves lives. We formulate plans, implement projects, and conduct project management toward the solution of issues confronting developing countries, such as food security, living environment and labor, so that all people can live with dignity. We propose optimal technologies and development methods while respecting the characteristics of each country and region, providing comprehensive consulting solutions aimed at achieving sustainable and autonomous development.

SDGs 8,9

Since our founding, Nippon Koei has been engaged not only in building infrastructure such as power plants, dams, and roads, but also in developing local industries that utilize such infrastructure, and in technology transfer to local engineers. Furthermore, we implement projects that employ local people, goods, and other resources, thus contributing to the sustainable development of local regions in ways such as creating employment and contributing to economic growth.

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By incorporating aspects of both civil engineering and architecture, and providing comprehensive solutions that are also environmentally friendly, we bring about the creation of rich urban spaces and improved resilience. In the fi eld of disaster prevention, we contribute to people’s lives by proposing measures to prevent and mitigate river and landslide disasters overseas based on afforestation and flood control technologies developed in Japan. We provide consulting services on project operation and management, and help reduce human and economic loss from natural disasters.

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We analyze the causes and mechanisms of marine pollution and forest degradation, develop infrastructure aimed at lessening and rectifying these issues, help preserve the diversity of forests and living things, and improve and optimize methodologies related to conservation activities.

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To help create a low-carbon society that reduces global warming, we have gained a deep understanding of the characteristics of elements such as water, wind, and sunlight, as well as how they are interlinked with society. In countries and regions around the world, we are engaged in the development, management, and monitoring of clean energy that is in harmony with nature. We are also involved in building business models related to the bilateral credit system,*1 REDD*2, and payment for ecosystem services as well as technology development and providing consultancy services.

*1 A mechanism to facilitate diffusion of advanced low-carbon technologies in developing countries as well as the implementation of global climate change mitigation measures. It can also be used to quantitatively evaluate Japan’s contributions to GHG emission reductions, while using those evaluations to help achieve Japan’s emission reduction targets.
*2 An initiative to reduce deforestation and forest degradation and promote sustainable forest management in developing countries
SDGs icon:3,4

To help develop the infrastructure for medical and educational systems that support the lives of all people, we provide a wide range of consulting services such as for the introduction of systems, development of frameworks, and sharing of knowledge.
We also provide support for the foundations of maternal and child health, and basic education in developing countries from both tangible and intangible aspects.

SDGs icon:5,16,17

Nippon Koei’s business now spans more than 160 countries and regions. We collaborate and cooperate with diverse local stakeholders from a wide range of social backgrounds, including business partners, administrative organizations, experts, and communities. We provide consulting services on creating harmony, the empowerment of women and gender mainstreaming, in addition to consulting services on CSR and sustainability to Japanese corporations operating overseas. We harness the diverse societies and cultures of various countries and regions as our strengths, build partnerships and contribute to the attainment of the SDGs.

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