Power Engineering

We develop power resources and offer services to address electricity demand in emerging countries as well as in Japan. Our power engineering business covers construction and repair of substations and switching stations, construction and repair of power plants and overhead/underground transmission lines, construction of central monitoring and control systems that improve efficiency, construction of dam control systems at hydroelectric power plants, and manufacturing of equipment. The Nippon Koei Group's mission is to offer the best solutions to meet the various needs of electric power companies, our clients.

We produce water turbines for hydroelectric power plants, manufacture substation control devices, and build substation central monitoring systems and dam control systems.

We perform planning, investigation, design, construction and management related to reinforcement and repair of facilities of electricity suppliers, including substations, switching stations, and overhead/underground transmission lines.

We provide comprehensive consulting services for electric power and electrical equipment.

We perform installation work and maintenance inspections of automated observation systems used in landslide prevention, and manufacture and sell geotechnical measuring devices.

We manufacture and sell voltage detector checkers and testers, as well as other safety products.


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