Nippon Koei, together with its tunnel specialist subsidiary Nippon Civic Consulting Engineers (NCC), is a leader in the field of tunnel engineering and engineering solutions to natural obstacles, offering total tunnel solutions all over the world.
Our tunnels in Japan survived without any major damage during the massive Tohoku and Hanshin Earthquakes.

Hai Van Tunnel, Vietnam
Hai Van Tunnel, Vietnam
Conceptual Drawing: Flyover for JICA Project: Greater Kampala Road Network & Transport Improvement, Uganda
Rehabilitation of Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel under Suez Canal, Egypt

We specialize in TBM shield tunnels, immersed-tube tunnels, and cut-and-cover underground structures in urban areas as well as conventional tunnels through hills and mountains. We excel at designing shield tunnel segment linings in technically challenging settings that require special tunneling machines such as the Multi-Face (MF) and rectangular types. Our tunnels always address the six basic quality concerns: security, 100-years durability, earthquake-resistance, load capacity, waterproofing, and fire-resistance.

For over half a century, we have participated in countless tunnel projects for roads, railways, underground reservoirs, waterways, drainage, common-ducts, and pipelines across Japan, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Our expertise covers all project phases and extends to the design of tunnel management systems and traffic control equipment for securing user safety and smooth traffic operations in the vicinity of the tunnel and the wider road network. We provide services for the rational repair and reinforcement of existing tunnels to extend their economic life. NCC carries out lining design and construction supervision for innovative shield tunnel types. We are also active in research and development for the continual advancement of the technology used in their construction.

NCC is also the only company in Japan offering technical support for an advanced monitoring system that underpins maintenance management and ensures tunnel durability.

Selected Project Experience

Technical advisor of tender documents of San Paolo Metro Line No. 4
Verify the detailed design of Shanghai Metro, Yangpu Line
Subway Line No.4 from middle Cairo to Pyramids area, passing under the Nile River, Rehabilitation of Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel under Suez Canal
Basic design of Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit System, South-North Line
Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line Expressway Tunnel & Tokyo Port Seaside Road Tunnel
Technical advisory services of Seoul Metro Line No. 7
Feasibility study of Abu Hamour sewage tunnel
Construction supervision of MRT Blue Line Extension construction project
Detailed design railway immersed tunnel under Bosporus Strait
Hai Van Tunnel, and Basic Design of Ho Chi Minh City Urban Mass Rapid Transit (UMRT) Line-1
Shield method construction
Shield method construction
Immersed Tube tunnel
Immersed Tube tunnel
Water pipe in shield tunnel
Water pipe in shield tunnel
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