Nippon Koei's bridge engineering expertise is second to none, with experience ranging from short-span, low-clearance bridges to long-span, high-elevation, structurally complex bridges crossing great rivers and straits.
We have designed and built hundreds of bridges all over the world.

Rades-La Goulette Bridge, Tunisia
Rades-La Goulette Bridge, Tunisia
Koror-Babeldaob Bridge, Palau
Koror-Babeldaob Bridge, Palau

We excel in complex bridge projects such as those that cross major rivers, link islands, permit ship passage, face complex configuration constraints, and cross precipitous terrain. The bridges we built have been recognized for exceptional application of technology, engineering quality and safety. Nippon Koei adopts landscape-simulation technology to create aesthetically pleasing bridges, participates in disaster management and safety inspection projects, and conducts non-destructive tests and durability studies of existing bridges. Our team of engineers has provided planning, design, construction supervision and technical assistance services.

We support our work through accumulated in-house knowledge and advanced technical capabilities. We maintain our own database of seismic activity, natural disasters, and weather conditions around the world. We have a thorough understanding of regional characteristics such as the design capabilities of local firms. We reinforce our own technical skills for design with advanced methods such as 3-D analysis, finite element method, and dynamic analysis.

Selected Project Experience

Meghna and Meghna Gumti Bridge Construction Project
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Construction of Doboj Bridge and Modrica Bridge
Construction of Mekong Bridge
Construction of New Bio-Bio Bridge
Ecuador - Peru
New Makara Bridge Construction Project
Nizamuddin Bridge Construction on NH-24
Construction of King Hussein Bridge
Lao PDR - Thailand
Second Mekong International Bridge Construction Project
Reconstruction of Bridges on the Main Roads Project
North West Frontier Provinces Bridge Construction
Construction of a New Koror-Babeldaob Bridge
Sri Lanka
Construction of New Mannar Bridge and Improvement of Causeway
New White Nile Bridge Construction
Rades-La Goulette Bridge Construction Project
Can Tho Bridge Construction Project
2nd Mekong  International Bridge (Pakse Bridge)Connecting Lao PDR and Thailand
Pakse Bridge, Lao PDR
King Hussein Bridge, Jordan Postage stamp commemorating the opening
King Hussein Bridge, Jordan
Postage stamp commemorating the opening
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