Domestic Consulting

The domestic consulting business provides a full range of civil engineering consultation related to development and maintenance of social infrastructure. Its goal is to help build safe and secure living spaces, vibrant communities and sustainable environments.
With proven technologies backed by diverse experience and R&D, we carry out many projects that support daily life. Projects for the improvement and maintenance of social infrastructure, such as waterways and roads, lead to regional development as well as convenient and comfortable lifestyles for people nationwide.

We provide technical services for flood control, efficient water use, improvement of water environments, and the water supply and sewerage facilities that are integral for daily living.

We have a strong track record in handling all aspects of dam projects, including providing technologies for new dam construction and for redevelopment and service life extension of existing dams.

Our services in this area include regional development studies; support for policymaking related to urban and regional planning; and investigation, analysis, design and construction supervision concerning ground conditions and geology.

We provide a wide range of services, such as planning, investigation and design, service life extension and improvement in maintenance of roads, bridges, airports and other transportation infrastructure.

To preserve the land and enable people to live safely and peacefully, we provide technical services that protect communities from natural disasters such as large earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and torrential rain.

Our business in this sector focuses on balancing development and the environment by preserving air, water and land environments as well as biodiversity for a sustainable society that coexists in harmony with nature.

When there is a need for cooperation and collaboration among government entities, private enterprises and citizens, we provide consulting services such as asset management and technical management in public-private partnerships (PPP).


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